What's in a logo

March 2, 2024

Someone once suggested to me that, prior to getting a tattoo, you should put a sketch of your proposed ink up somewhere that you will naturally look several times a day. If you’re a caffeine fiend like us, it’ll be next to your coffee maker! Perhaps you could put said sketch on your bathroom mirror, or next to your computer monitor at work. The logic was to see if this image is something you want to look at every day, for the rest of your days. Similar concept with a logo - you are gonna see that little SOB all over your stuff, so you better love it like we love our morning cup of Joe! In order to love your logo, and to create a logo worthy of your affections, you need to get up to speed on a few key items:

1. The importance of a quality logo design

This is the first impression, so make sure you choose a logo design that helps set you apart from the competition! As mentioned above, this little guy is going on all of your branding materials - your website, your business cards, fliers, packaging - the works!

2. Defining your brand identity

Before you can sell your brand, you need to dig deep and ask yourself some soul-searching questions to confirm what your brand truly is. Why is your brand unique? What inspired you to start a business? Which words would you like to hear your customers choosing to describe your business? In a sense, what makes you so special?

3. Fighting “writer’s block syndrome”

To get that perfect logo that encompasses all that your brand represents, you need to seek out the proper inspiration for your design. Sadly, sometimes this process is thwarted by a nefarious phenomenon known as “writer’s block syndrome”. This is referring to that creativity-blocking halt that happens to all writers and artists sometime in our career. When you’re staring at a blank computer screen (or blank notebook, for us old-schoolers), and the stark whiteness just stares back in a condescending passive-aggressive challenge. When inspiration is lacking, first step is to have an open brainstorm session, and be sure to include the whole team if possible! No idea is too small or silly. Even a bad idea can spark the flames of a genius one!

It’s easy to get carried away, so be sure to bring your ideas back to your target. What is your target clientele, and what is important to them?

4. Know thy enemy

Okay, so your competitors don’t necessarily have to be “the enemy”, but it is crucial that you keep them on your radar. After all, you can’t set yourself apart from the competition if you’re oblivious to what they’re doing. So go stalk your competitors and take notes: write down the aspects that seem to be working well, and be sure to avoid the mistakes they’re making. Use this information to elevate your brand and to make concise choices in the design of your logo.

5. Creating a vision board

Do you prefer classic or retro style logos? Monogram or abstract logo marks? Don’t panic if you’re not sure how to answer... this is where the vision board comes into play. Much like you may bring photos to your hairstylist when changing your look, feel free to peruse the internet for logos you like to help get a feel for your style!

6. Effectively communicating with your designer

Now that you have an idea of why and who you are as a brand, let the artists get to work! It’s best if you can provide a clear creative brief: that’s just fancy speak for a written document that provides information about the business, desired design style, the project timing and your budget. It is crucial that you are crystal clear at this juncture! Any miscommunication could result in a disconnect between you and the designer, and thus a logo that falls short of expectations.

Be sure to describe your product, target audience, and industry. Make it clear if you have logo preferences such as fun versus sophisticated, company name in upper or lower case, and if you have a slogan or handle that you would like to have incorporated into the logo. Keep your expectations reasonable as to what can fit - If your company slogan is long-winded, it is not going to fit into a logo, but can be more functional in other areas of your brand marketing. Last but certainly not least, you need to talk time & money. What is your timeline, and how much have you budgeted for the project? Are you interested in paying a bit more if a rush job can be accommodated?

There are varying levels of design participation when it comes to the crafting of a logo, each with pluses and minuses of course! Send a message to our Creative Team now  to discuss these options!

7. The good versus the bad

So what sets apart the good from the bad in logo land? Here are some do’s and don’t worth remembering:


  • Keep it simple. Simplicity is key for a memorable (and printable) logo.
  • Make sure it’s unique, so you don’t just blend in with your competitors.
  • Choose a design that gets the message across quickly. Will customers immediately know what your business does?
  • Be sure it is versatile, and can be applied to all of your brand’s needs.
  • Aim for something timeless, to avoid having to do a redesign a few years down the line.
  • Always keep that target audience in your mind! If it is exceptionally appealing only to you, your brand is not going to reach its full potential.


  • Don’t try to be too trendy. Although trends can be fun, you want to ensure that your logo withstands the test of time.
  • Avoid industry clichés. Just because you’re a painter, your logo doesn’t necessarily need to have a paintbrush to get the point across.
  • Don’t set the budget too small for your logo, only to realize that often you really do get what you pay for.

8. Incorporating your logo into your brand

Remember how I said that bad boy will be in your face 24/7? Well once you have that logo perfected, it’s time to make it happen! Need help envisioning what your logo will look like on actual branding materials? We’re here for you! Our Creative Team can send your finalized logo with such examples on a digital mood board for no extra charge! So what are you waiting for? Now that we are on the same page about the importance of creating that picturesque logo for your brand, contact us today and let our team get to work on designing your dreams into reality!

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